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Always ready to lend a helping hand

As a result of our relentless focus on event participant and staff safety, the NEWA has cultivated an excellent relationship with first responders in our community. As an organization committed to the betterment of the PWC experience, we feel a responsibility to empower local and statewide law enforcement agencies and first responders through PWC education and consultation. We seek to heighten and complement first respondersí awareness of the unique aspects of the use of watercraft so that they may be better equipped to handle immediate response circumstances involving PWCs.

Not only do we consult and offer a free-of-charge on the water "operator awareness course" for law enforcement, but the NEWA also donates time and resources to perform routine maintenance and technical support to local first responders rescue and patrol equipment. For years, the NEWA has offered these services to the NYS D.E.C. and the Fulton County, NY sheriff's department. To date we have saved these departments, and tax payers, thousands of dollars in repair costs, provided technical support, and transfered invaluable operator awareness information.

Working closely with law enforcement personnel, the NEWA helps reduce municipal safety organizationsí operations costs. By educating first responders, we not only produce officers who have a better working knowledge of their PWC, but who also possess the means to improve their own personal safety on the water, Better equipped to handle PWC related response situations, these individuals ensure the personal safety of all waterway users. Armed with knowledge and experience specific to watercraft, costly errors in judgment and practices are less likely to occur, as are negative incidental environmental impacts due to mishandling of equipment.

With over one hundred collective years of PWC operation, we are able to easily transfer knowledge of PWCs, obtained through our countless hours of operation. The information provided in the free law enforcement operator awareness course can not be found in any safe boater course, anywhere in the country. In the spring of 2013 along with our free law enforcement operator awareness course, the NEWA will offer demonstrations of the premier water rescue board provided by These state of the art rescue boards allow first responders to perform life saving operations with reduced potential for personal injury to the rescuer or the victim.

Law enforcement officials should contact us via email to inquire about these free NEWA services. Please include contact information, safety organization affiliation, and location information so we may best serve you.

Pictured above is Wayne Ordon of the NEWA & WetWerX, along with Fulton County Sheriff Tom Lorey and Deputy Ron Lennon, upon completion of a free jet pump repair provided by the NEWA


NEWA staff members provide free winterizing services to the Fulton County Sheriff's PWCs.

NEWA staff members provide a free trouble shooting and technical service to the NYS D.E.C. PWCs in Northville, NY.