Welcome, and thank you for visiting the Northeast Watercraft Alliance (NEWA) web site. The NEWA is a PWC advocacy organization staffed by watercraft riders and racers; our goal is to provide opportunities for members of the PWC community to increase their enjoyment of the sport. We fulfill that goal through the development and execution of competitive events, educational programs, and social gatherings, aimed to enhance the PWC experience.

The NEWA is committed to the development and execution of local grassroots racing events, that harken to the sport’s greatness in the “old days”. Since the sport’s explosion in the 1980’s and 90‘s, there have been myriad changes both in the PWC enthusiast demographic and the manufacturing market as a whole. Watercraft racing, or “Hydrocross” has had to keep pace with these changes. There exists a passion, in the hearts of die hard, old school and new school PWC racers alike, to pit their skills against one another on the closed course. Our answer is the WetWerX Region 8 Closed Course Series! More information can be found on the Racing page.


The NEWA is proud to announce JetFest 2015! We've got a great event planned for 2015, so be sure to check back! More than just a simple charity ride, JetFest is a highly successful, socially focused, annual PWC ride and rally which provide enthusiasts from all over the NorthEast the opportunity to hang out and enjoy our sport, TOGETHER. For more information on this world class social event, see the Rides page.

Our focus is not only on the entertainment aspects of the PWC lifestyle, but likewise on interaction with local, regional and statewide law enforcement agencies' first responders. The NEWA provides opportunities for individuals and regional entities to increase their knowledge base in the interest of better service to their community. Drawing upon over 100 cumulative years of PWC operation, ownership and maintenance experience, it is our desire to make watercraft riding a safer sport. Quite simply, a safer sport is a more pleasurable sport. See the Community page for more information on community efforts and services.

Please check back often. As an ever evolving resource, the NEWA site provides the latest news and most current developments of the organization, as well as event logistics, race schedules, and general PWC related information. Thank you again for your valuable time, we look forward to seeing you again!



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